Ursa carts release the experience and potency of liquified THCa diamonds on the go! Made solely from top-grade THCa diamonds which will take you out of this world with potency of 80%+ and no distillate, this cart is perfect for those who need a heavy punch. 


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If you are looking for THC, Live Resin or Delta 8 carts online in all simplicity and discretion. We offer the most trending vape carts, fast delivery with great prices. We present you Ursa carts and many more within our top selection.

Everything About: URSA CARTS

Ursa carts is a unique combination of terpenes and diamonds in these 100% live resin cartridges that will flourish and dazzle your senses. The pure extraction processes of this cart leave you nothing but the purest, smoothest, top shelf terpene flavor. Be assured to get the best quality product with the highest concentrations of cannabinoids. The cartridge price matches with the quality of the product, this is because when you use this live resin product you get an exceptional taste and great quality of the oil. The durability of the hardware as well is a story to tell. Ursa carts is one of the best in the 710 community, known for the unbelievable taste of all the full spectrum cannabis.

Ursa carts flavors are of the best quality and are out of this world to go give you a perfect vaping experience. By using the Ursa carts, you can be rest assured that you are only inhaling and tasting the purest, most potent part of the cannabis plant. The Emerald Cup triumph merchandise will take your cannabis expertise to the next level. All input material is recent frozen right at peak harvest. The distinctiveness and quality of this product can flourish and dazzle your sense. These cartridges’ are full-spectrum concentrates that feature 80%+ THC and therefore the highest level of terpene preservation possible. URSA aim is to teach you on what to look for in your cannabis products. From terpene profiles to new product classes, you may notice the cannabis trade is evolving daily with excellence.

Ursa carts effects:

Long-lasting and uplifting-typically reportable as elated and clear-headed

Flavor and  Aroma:

Sleek, sweet candy and haze. Comparable to the reported northern lights varietal.


The contents of these carts is 100% from the specific strain listed, so your entourage effect is as-the-plant-intended. All Ursa Cartridges input material is fresh frozen right at peak harvest time. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.


Ursa Flavors

  1. Mendo Breath
  2. Mango
  3. Lemonade
  4. Northern Lights
  5. Forbidden Fruit
  6. ursa papaya
  7. ursa GMO cookies
  8. cream cake
  9. Birthday Cake
  10. ursa banjo
  11. ursa Mr nice
  12. Ursa Strawberry Punch

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