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Trippy Treats Gummies is an exotic variety of potent gummies. Created in ancient style approach in a cooking research lab setting, exploitation of the best domestically sourced natural ingredients. Every batch is factory-made in restricted quantities to ensure high level of quality and consistency for every sticky.



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If you are looking for where to buy your favorite gummies, then you’ll be able to get all of your favorite tasty range of potent gummies here. We present to you Trippy Treats Gummies batch created in tiny quantities to confirm a high quality and consistency in every pasty.

Everything About: Trippy Treats Gummies

Potency – These 50 mg hearts every in person, carrying enough to effectively have you ever feel the consequences, are available in a tin striking a complete  500mgs. Throwing back four of those, once a while the consequences commencing to start. Initial providing associate degree overall mood improvement that fills you with elation, and moving a recently accrued elation through your head. Shortly, once the stone becomes additional} more calming, and send a calming feeling over your entire body. One or 2 to each heighten and enlighten your day, a lot of|any longer|from now on|any further|to any extent further} can have more elevating results higher left for evening consumption.

Trippy Treats Gummies very little beauties can be charming your heart right off the hop. Small very little hearts with a clear red, and orange severally.

Flavor—The sunshine orange, peach-colored ones infused with a Guava seasoning tasting quite distinctive nonetheless extraordinarily tasty. The reds being fabulous as a strawberries and cream. Super sweet tasting hearts, that carry delicious infused flavors that have completely zero nasty style left lingering.

Medical benefits 

  • Appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Concentration
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia Muscle Spasms
  • Pain relief
  • Soft Tissue Injury.

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Due to the content of our product we tend to powerfully counsel you to keep out of reach from kids, PETS and different ANIMALS.


10 reviews for Trippy Treats Gummies

  1. Kimberly

    I thought I really liked the packaging being metal rather than plastic but the packaging is now jammed and i cannot for the life of me get it open again 🙁 I’ve even had my boyfriend try. I’ve run it under hot water, tried sticking it in the freezer, you name it, but it’s totally stuck. So that sucks. Taste wise they’re okay, pretty sour. I found I needed to eat a couple of them to actually feel anything though so not as potent as some other gummies like twisted extracts and mota. Probably won’t repurchase as I’m worried about the packaging getting jammed again and then not being able to actually enjoy them. Kind of just feels like a waste of money when you can’t get into the package lol

  2. Vireshhiremath

    I’ve ordered twice now and I’ve been more satisfied each time. Everything was just as I expected. Both orders were gifts for my son and he loved them the customer service is amazing


    My favorite candy bite hands down. I can say I’m addicted Trippy Treats Gummies. Will be coming back for a 5lb bag for my family for Christmas

  4. Selina_blanco

    THESE is what brought me to the site, as I am avoiding the supermarket where I “discovered” them. They are the BEST, bar none, for flavors and texture. What a revelation when I found absolutely FABULOUS chocolate on the site as well!!!

  5. Kassandra-rose

    I made my first order and not disappointed everything up to expectations I’m happy 😊 will surely come back for more

  6. Lessly K

    I purchased it after knowing from my friends about its unique effects, and I am satisfied!

  7. Jovanie Rodriguez

    It’s like it’s advertised, it tastes great, I could eat these every day. But then I’d run out.

  8. KarenGagne

    Tasty but too much for one sitting

  9. byjessicasuarez

    Talk about marketing 🔥

  10. vellicollective

    Good work squad!!!

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