Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel, jointly best-known as “Sour D” and “Sour Deez,” is a popular sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. bitter Diesel effects ar dreamy, cerebral, fast-acting and energizing. This strain options a pungent flavor profile that smells like diesel. Medical marijuana patients opt for sour Diesel to help relieve symptoms associated with  suffering from anxiety and depression, sour Diesel can assist you kick them through sheer mental energy. The stimulation and brain-electrifying feelings would get anyone up and moving (the twenty sixth THC high doesn’t hurt either). it’ll assist you fight fatigue, get your appetite moving once more, combat that teasing headache, or perhaps facilitate with mood disorders. thanks to its energizing abilities, sour D can facilitate those who suffer from mental disorder (manic depression) or posttraumatic stress disorder by giving them a elevate of positive cerebrality.



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Everything About: Super Sour Diesel

Speaking of aromas, sour Diesel strain continues to earn its name as you smoke it. A pungent cloud of skunk haze (like Diesel Gas however once intake a complete fruit orchard), explodes from this bud in a dense, lemony fog. The odor is sour, pungent, and strong. The style is earthy, herbal, gassy, and with an clear aftereffect of lemon on your tongue. Sour Diesel is a notoriously fast-acting sativa-dominant strain, it comes in both autoflowering and feminized seed variations. It’s aforesaid to be a descendant of Chemdawg ninety-one, mixed with Super Skunk, and was created within the 90s in sunny CA.


Thick dense nuggets coated in an exceeding layer of sugared trichomes that build the strain sticky to the bit


Tangy citrus and spicy herbs along with hints of sweet, refreshing pine


Sweet lemons with cedar, pine, and woody undertones

Preferred Smoking Time

This cannabis strain is a very good choice for daytime

Preferred Consumption Method

Smoke, Vaporize

Super Sour Diesel Effects:

Some experienced smokers reportedly listed with increased creativity and focus after you smoke the popular potent super sour diesel strain you will experience some few negative effects, some of his include

  • Dry mouth and Eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia
  • Headaches. 

Medical Benefits of super sour diesel

The potent sativa hybrid strain is nothing new in the medical marijuana community and comes great medical advantages which cannot be ignored. This strain will help you relieve diseases and disorders such as.

  •  Chronic Pain
  •  Depression
  • Eye Pressure
  •  Fatigue
  •  Fibromyalgia
  •  Loss of Appetite
  •  Migraines
  •  Stress

Super Sour Diesel  Growing INFO

Sour Diesel is a comparatively hard strain to grow and offers moderate yields. It tends to ‘stretch’ throughout the primary month of flowering, which, at 10-11 weeks, is extended by marijuana standards. As a result, you will ought to interact in LST if your growing tent is on the tiny aspect. once you complete LST properly, you will expose the bud sites on the lower end of the plant to a lot of light, boosting growth. The strain that grows tall and fragrant in a very hot and somewhat dry, arid climate, with low humidity. High intensity light highly counseled. It is, however, essential to keep the growing setting sterile because of the actual fact that the plant may be prone to mildew. This could be exhausting to get rid of, thus it’s best to be proactive in keeping its surroundings clean.


Sour Diesel takes a little longer to flower than other strains, but it is well worth the wait. An indoor-grown plant can yield up to an estimated 18 ounces per m2 on average per harvest.


For a Sour D plant grown outdoors, the ideal time for a harvest is around early November. An outdoor grown plant can be very generous in its yield, with an expected average of 25 ounces of plant available for plucking during harvest.

As you’ll mainly grow your Sour Diesel outdoors, it is often a nightmare to prevent pests from feasting on your crop. The ‘easy’ option is to use chemical insecticides because they are usually pretty effective. However, even though they get rid of the critters, they cause other problems: Primarily the damage they cause to humans when inhaled!

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27 reviews for Sour Diesel

  1. Aron.toran

    Very happy with the pack of sour diesel I ordered from this store. Their super fast delivery makes them more reliable and their packaging is also impressive

  2. Satterfield45

    Classic. This bud will keep you awake all night. It tastes and smells wonderful. Top shelf sativa. Can safely say this is one to get every time hands down.

  3. Vitalsixthsense11

    Dense and tasty well trimmed and uplifting

  4. Jamesshaw

    I am 66 and have been smoking for 30 years I can testify that sour diesel eases depression and anxiety. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and since medicating with this strain I have been able to live instead of exist. It’s been a huge blessing!!

  5. Jiggaman1995

    Order this for the first time and will say very great sour diesel would recommend to anyone looking for a great high

  6. Marvinpilling

    Can’t go wrong with sour deisel strain. It feels great mentally- so uplifted, inspires creative thinking

  7. Bigcountry86

    Potent strain to start the your day energytic, with great aroma have always been a fan

  8. Joecard

    The bomb best ever!! never disappointed

  9. Carlos_morales

    This strain delivers and really Put you where you want to be. A little goes a long ways with this stuff I love it

  10. Tayloc6400

    This strain is worthless and weak

  11. Theodore.wells

    The bud is quite dense and smallish I give this 90% sativa and 5 stars I was luck enough to run to this super strain in this website it doesn’t let you down and it is very serious

  12. Jose.zamora

    This is a special treat. Sour Diesel is a breath of fresh Truly, it’s a hard strain to find in our area. The buds was hard and tight. A great smoke and a diesel smell i just love it. This strain is a nice daytime herb. A taste you’ll love and a high to match. A cornerstone for quality herb.

  13. Brandonrilly44

    wooow your buds have no competition. the best i have ever had in a life time. I will recommend you to anyone looking to buy quality cannabis a hundred times. keep up the good work and do not slow down for any reason. because you guys know what you are doing

  14. Jean Duck Gh

    I must say it’s probably the best sativa smoking in Georgia lucky enough to have it through the price is worth and your bundle is amazing😤

  15. George McCullough

    Sour Diesel is my all time favourite strain. It has energy to the high which makes it easy to get what ever you need to accomplish for that day done, while stimulating your creativity to tackle those tasks in new ways with the best attitude you can imagine. It also has an almost psychedelic edge, thought patterns can become jumbled and it’s easy to notice the beauty in everything around you..

  16. James Lucas

    Classic bud very decent Sativa will keep you up all night. Can safely say this this the one to get every time

  17. Bernard.j22

    Great mood elevator taste undoubtedly taste pretty good and energetic product as well

  18. Irontreeforge

    Good cannabis will always do

  19. Youngfinesskid

    Flower fresh sticky good stuff

  20. Themadchemis

    ⛽️91 91 91 91🙌🏿

  21. Manny916

    Relaxing enough to get things done as your head dictates what you would love to do

  22. Mathiew Jefferson

    Hang out at the beach. This stuff had me couch locked. Very Strong taste too!

  23. slow_grind

    Shit taste so good gives u mad energy get anything done perfect body high

  24. bighomiegrim

    One of our faves 🤤

  25. richdaloc

    The mystery tester that landed at the grove in SD is some funky fire

  26. bricksquadbaby

    bringing the heat congrats guys 🔥👏 your whole Arizona team crushing it

  27. mr.mrs.indicab

    Absolutely fire brotha

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