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Strawberry Marshmallow Gummies

Strawberry Marshmallow Gummies are fruity and tender candies in the shape of small domes. These strawberry-flavoured candies are ideal for goodies, easy to chew, always soft, and dusted in a touch of sugar.

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Strawberry Marshmallow Gummies flavor variety is just that, a vast array of you don’t know what you’re about to eat. With so many options to choose from. Sugar Leaf Organic offers the best product the chef pumps out, you get to try almost any and every flavor that she has in the kitchen. The flavors are: Rootbeer, Fruit Punch, Grapefruit, Grape, Orange or Orangesicle, Cherry, Peach Mango, Banana, lemon, and strawberry. There’s definitely more but each big bag is a mystery

Quality – This Gummies will knock you out if you were to eat too many, and depending on the person/tolerance you can judge for yourself. You can once again play with lego for a brief moment before enjoying these nice soft little goodies, easy to chew, always soft, and dusted in a touch of sugar. Usually I’ll try to have more before running out entirely.

Potency – Strawberry Marshmallow Gummies whopping 100mg per each lego piece. Usually They are definitely properly dosed, no question

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  1. 4 out of 5

    First time I ordered these I was beyond happy, my favourite candy and such a large size perfect to share with family members. They were fresh and delicious. Third order was a tad stale but honestly we still ate them lol!

    Most recent order didn’t go well at all. Damaged! I’ve ordered these numerous times as my family loves them but they arrived open and during CoVID 19 – NO FREAKING WAY!! Refund was given right away. I’m still a happy customer.

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