Strawberry Dream

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Strawberry Dream cannabis is hybrid cross genetics of Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough. This strain hits the head with is uplifting properties and produces results common to Blue Dream strain. It can be grown indoors and outdoors both and takes about 67 days for the harvesting of the buds. The THC content is recorded to be 16%.
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Strawberry Dream was created by crossing Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough. This strain is a  50/50 hybrid with sativa-dominant qualities, While it’s unclear who to thank for generating this amazing strain, one thing is for certain quite possibly the perfect strain when it comes to taste, aroma, and effects for both new and experienced users.

Strawberry Dream is an easy going gal, with the average THC levels hovering right around 16%. Like its namesake, it has an aroma and taste that’s heavy with sweet strawberry flavor, yet has an undertone of earthy skunkiness to it. It’s definitely a smooth and easy strain to use, with rounded nugs that are a muted green. Plenty of orange pistils  which covers each bud, and a slight dusting of trichomes are also very present. The energy stored in this dreamy strain makes the patient feel outgoing, which makes them want to interact with people more and step out of their comfort zone, which is further restricted by the ailments. The high of this hybrid is quite calm as compared to the rest and makes the person feel neither uncomfortable nor paranoid. The taste is very strong which is quite apparent when you look at the name, but the aroma does comply with the name given to it. The sweet strawberry-like smell of this strain spreads through the enclosed area as soon as it is broken down.

Strawberry Dream is such an ideal choice for individuals with anxiety and depression, for this strain will calm the mind and ease worries instantly. Given that the strain is gentle enough even for a first-time smokers, you won’t have to worry about any paranoia or any form of discomfort when you are high. Those who experience body pain or muscle tension will love how relaxed and dreamy they feel. A dry is a common mouth is common a characteristic after smoking the the strain.

Just Imagine yourself coming home from a long day working in the office with a ton of tension in your neck and shoulders. Your ideal evening probably consists of hanging out with friends, and Strawberry Dream which will be the perfect accompaniment. Enjoy a mellow yet joyous time while easing any stress off your shoulder, to keep the snacks handy

Strawberry Dream Growing INFO

Strawberry Dream shouldn’t be too difficult since it’s an easy-going strain that correspond to both indoor and outdoor setup. Plants won’t get overly large but end up yielding a pretty decent harvest after an 8 to 9 week flowering cycle. Its pungent aroma will make it hard to wait until it’s ready, but your patience will be well be a factor of the day.



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6 reviews for Strawberry Dream

  1. Bernard weigl

    It was a great experience ordering strawberry dream from here. On-time delivery, superior quality product, and nice packaging. Will use this shop again I’m impressed

  2. Adam kasian

    I picked up this strain up as a stash UNBELIEVABLE taste. The taste is the must fruity, sweet and cereal milk I like the taste all in one perfect strain

  3. Andr3s_24

    Didn’t feel the knockout high I was expecting. It was still ok. It did get me high.

  4. Sergeyodaddy_78

    I really like this strain, it gets me in the mood to do things. This has amazing flavour, and high! loved it. Stopped racing thoughts, OCD tendencies.

  5. S.hanks77

    Bag appeal 🔥🔥

  6. Ogmonsters

    The high is incredible. Love this strain and hard to come by in my Australia

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