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Buy African Transkei magic mushroom, as well referred to as AT, Transkei Cubensis and South African Transkei. AT is a strain of magic mushroom that initiated in South Africa and is the only mushroom of the Psilocybe cubensis species known to grow on the African landmass. African Transkei is a moderately potent stain that produces bodily vibration, receptive stimulation, euphoria, and light visuals.



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Buy South African Transkei  mushroom, a big social activity strain that will give you spectacular body sensations and astounding visuals. We provide you the most effective product, Grab a pack today and get ready to  experience light-twinkling and skin-tingling experience.

Everything About: South African Transkei Mushroom

African Transkei magic mushroom, considered a great social activity strain. Excellent for parties, events or any talkative and interactive social settings. African Transkei is also a great strain for beginners and well-seasoned psychonauts. At a moderate dose, this magic mushroom produces prominent body sensations and astounding visuals. In the higher dose range, this magic mushroom will deliver an intense ‘ballet of tracers’, dancing lights and geometric shapes. African Transkei magic mushrooms also provide a light-twinkling and skin-tingling experience.

African Transkei shrooms are often a lighter coloration, with a thin, long asparagus-like stalk and a small caramel colored cap. As already cited, this Psilocybe cubensis strain started from South Africa. It was the 1st strain of Psilocybe cubensis in wide circulation that started from the African continent. The original AT magic mushrooms pile up in 2002 in Transkei, which was an unrecognized state in the southeastern region of South African from 1976 to 1994. In this location, the mushrooms would grow in the wild on poop under the shade of trees. This part is more usually recognised as the Wild Coast Region and is near Durban, the major costal city in eastern South Africa.

Visual effects of the African Transkei Magic Mushroom

This is a modern-day strain, but a very potent one indeed. The body sensations you may feel after ingestion is prominent, but what most users chose when they buy African Transkei Magic Mushroom online are the visuals.

African Transkei Magic Mushroom, known to produce open eye visuals that have described as dancing lights and geometric shapes. If the dose increased to 2 grams, some users have reported a warping of their visual field that includes melting objects, as if in a Dali painting. Others have drawn time warping, synesthesia – seeing sounds and feeling colors – and psychotic belief with the eyes closed or open.

The effects of African Transkei Magic Mushroom on the body are energetic, despite the mushrooms causing what is known as ‘the mushroom yawns.’ You can expect to feel your skin shivering, have a fit of the giggles, or a simple bout of energy that will shuffle you want to dance.

On the mind, the African Transkei Magic Mushroom may have different effects. Users report sensations of euphoria, observations in the realm of mind alteration, and even mystic experiences as this mushroom opens your mind and allows you to see beyond the present.

Guide on how to use safely

The personal effects of Transkei Cubensis begin between 10 and 40 minutes after consumption. They may last between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the person and the dose consumed. If you are using this product for the first time or if you are changing the dosage significantly for the first time, choose a familiar and safe place to do so. If possible, ask a cold sober trip sitter to utilize this experience with you.

Try to stay hydrated while using this product, particularly if you are outdoors or executing physical activities while using Transkei Cubensis. If you are undergoing nausea during come up, drink honey ginger tea.

Do not utilize this product, when you are pregnant
Do not mix up Transkei Cubensis with other drugs.
Do not mix Transkei Cubensis with alcohol.

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8 reviews for South African Transkei

  1. Heyalexa23

    This was a new strain for me, and I was not disappointed. I felt very intense euphoric and visual effects even with a low dose. The appearance and taste were both great, and I had a very pleasant afternoon in the sun with a friend.

    The trip itself was uplifting, sleepy, mellow and introspective. The visuals brought out the stunning colors of the nature around us and gave the blowing leaves a trailing, sparkling movement. Very magical. We came down and had a lovely nap in the grass together, as we both felt very sleepy after our trip.
    Will be buying these again!

  2. Frmdasouth2x

    First time ordering and I’m not disappointed but seems like more stems than caps hopefully they have a nice kick to em

  3. Mia_lolle

    Distorting of sound and vision very giggly and euphoric that lasted for over five hours although was a little paranoid

  4. Clayton.dc

    Having this in the UK 🇬🇧 is a blessing to me I must confess I’m very much satisfied with my first order and will keep coming back everything was up to my expectations

  5. Brixton moffit

    for energy and pain relief. Taking this strain was so mind and body relieving for me. Enjoyable experience!

  6. Elias Blackburn

    Oh wow, I’m def gonna bookmark this one. Lotta love right there. Thank you for your contributions to the industry, it’s guys like you that keep the spirit of this craft alive. Spreading the love into this world is very much needed. Appreciate ya, homes! I purchased a wild central FL cube from you last month, great specimen!

  7. elsantomedina

    Just tried this super out here in AZ

  8. westcrav

    New Times. Yeah.💪🔥

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