Purple Punch Auto Seeds 10 pk

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Taste Blueberry Muffins, Cherry, Spicy
  THC Up to 24%
  CBD < 1%
  Harvest EU Indoor 450 – 600 gr/m2
  Harvest US Indoor 1.5 – 2 oz/ft2
  Harvest EU Outdoor 60 – 200 gr/plant
  Harvest US Outdoor 2 – 7 oz/plant
  Size XXL
  Height 90 – 150 cm
  Height US 35 – 59 inches
  Flowering 9 weeks
  Room Indoor/Outdoor
  Gender Feminized
  Genes Sativa 15%/Indica 85%
  Genetics Purple Punch Auto
  Autoflowering Yes


Purple Punch Auto Seeds produces a Visually arresting and physically relaxing indica-dominant auto plants with very high THC levels.This is an enormous autoflower that reaches 150cm and produces huge yields of up to 600gr/m2, a contemporary Cali strain that provides what a high-grade Indica-dominant hybrid should; Nugs capped in resin with the density you would expect from Indica-dominant strains and the bag appeal that will surprise even an experienced growers. Expect beautiful purple strain and magenta hues that come along with sweet pastry-like taste and, thanks to the 24% THC, a very pleasant and potent effect that surprisingly starts as a motivating high and in no time will relaxe you completely, taking a bit of the energetic edge off.

Purple Punch Bud description

Purple Punch auto develops rounded compact buds with fat calyxes and bright orange or generally bright yellow hairs, with copious amounts of trichomes that provide the buds that stunning frosty look that every one growers rummage around for. The light-green buds can exhibit refined purple or lime-green tones that provide them a captivating and enticing look and complement them magnificently, whereas the savory mixture of earthy cherries and blueberry muffins with a spicy touch can win you over even before you can see the buds.

Smoke report

Due to the high THC levels, you’ll expertise a strong impact that may fully relax your whole body and step by step you will start feeling like all of your muscles ar melting before you can count to 3. Despite the robust Indica impact, you won’t be couch-locked because of the slight Sativa genes that incorporate a nice inventive head-buzz and leaves you mellow and clear-headed in a peaceful state of mind. the proper impact to travel through a busy day stress-free, assuaging sore muscles after a long workout routine or simply chill and commemorate on an evening out with friends.

Purple Punch Plant appearance

Due to the Indica dominancy, this strain remains comparatively compact despite its height and grows wide and thick fan leaves typical of Indica-dominant varieties. you’ll be able to expect a thick tall main cola and a number of shorter aspect branches with spaced-out internodes wherever the incredibly frostbitten flowers develop and end up looking like buds on steroids by the tip of the flowering stage.

Grow tips

Purple Punch auto Fem seeds suitable for indoor cultivation, This strain offers distinctive flavors and charming colours therefore we tend to suggest flushing completely to permit it to show its full potential and end up with the attractive reddish-purple and/or lime-green hues on the buds and close foliage. because of the Indica genes, the buds grow denser than usual therefore it’s essential you tie the branches slightly therefore there’s enough flow in between the buds to forestall mold and bugs. This selection doesn’t need loads of maintenance or something extra but keep in mind to feed her properly and with good-quality nutrients, this fashion you guarantee the buds fatten out properly which your plant doesn’t suffer any kind of nutrient deficiencies.


All Thanks to the high-quality Gen, this strain offers distinguishable taste of pure fresh blueberries and earthy cherries with a spicy undertones and a pinch of sugar-coated tart. This smoke is going to overpowers your throat and a sweet blueberry muffin-like taste as you inhale and, as you exhale, leaves a very delicious coat of sweetness in your mouth that will leaves you feeling like you’ve simply eaten up a sweet.

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4 reviews for Purple Punch Auto Seeds 10 pk

  1. Christehkidforever

    I’m thinking about changing floraflex to your products heard good things about you

  2. Tyrone_nash

    This is definitely 1 of the 4 packs I’ll be purchasing.. What a perfect cultivar

  3. 45jeremy

    My keeper pheno is 8-9 weeks. Major frost producer. Smells exactly like chocolate and bubble gum

  4. holisticalhitters

    I’m trying to support your brand and grow at home..

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