Purple Drank Strain

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  • Hybrid – 50%
  • Sativa /50%
  • Indica
  • THC: 23% – twenty-sixth

Purple Drank Breath #3 may be a crossbreed of Mendo Breath F2 and Purple Punch. Developed by the Sacred Garden Collective, the Strain homes orange pistils and a touch of distinction with frosty lime inexperienced buds. The Indica-dominant strain is dense with medium nugs carrying protecting trim, providing a grape Breath aroma that’s fruity, sweet, and earthy.

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Everything About: Purple Drank Strain

Purple Drank Breath #3 is partner similarly adjusted mixture strain (half indica/half sativa) made through crossing the delightful Purple Punch X Mendo Breath F2 strains. This magnificent mixture all has everything – a tasty flavor, partner exciting high and an elevated degree of proficiency that might take out even the preeminent talent patients because of a 23-26% cognizance modifying drug level.

Purple Drank Breath consolidates a sweet and fruity berry treats flavor with hints of harsh citrus and tropical organic products. The smell is just as delightful, with sweet fruitiness complemented by gritty spices and unpleasant grapefruit. The Purple Drank Breath is one that might have you truly kicking back as opposed to getting up and moving, with classy swirling impacts that mitigate away each psychological and actual hurts or agonies.

You’ll feel a light-weight shiver at the beginning of the great, unavow into the back of your mind and behind the eyes, prior to working its technique all through your whole body. You’ll feel genuinely quieted and kicked back with a vigorously exciting inclination that pervades each in. of your body. This bud has long pepper-molded minty unpracticed nugs with thin orange hairs and a covering of minimal white trichomes.


This magnificent crossover pot strain will convey you super quieting impacts, partner exciting high and an elevated degree of effectiveness that might take out even the principal talented patients because of a 23-26% THC

  • Stimulated
  • Inventive
  • Giggly
  • Unwinding
  • Lethargic
  • Berry
  • Candy
  • Fruity
  • Acrid
  • Sweet
  • Tropical
  • Citrus
  • Fruity
  • Grapefruit
  • Natural
  • Acrid
  • Tropical

Health advantages of Purple Drank Strain:

Clients inside the clinical pot local area have consistently focused on this weed strain to battle sicknesses and problems, for example,

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sadness
  • Ongoing agony
  • Bipolar Confusion

Developing Data:

The cross of Purple Punch x Mendo Breath F2, this Purple Drank Breath developed by the Holy Nursery Aggregate, flaunts dazzling orange pistils that give a draping differentiation on chilly lime unpracticed buds. Approaching as flexible, thick, medium nugs with some safeguarding trim, this indica-predominant mixture integrates a classy ‘Breath’ aroma that is hearty, sweet, and fruity.

At the point when starting woody, moist notes, this weed strain slips into sweet, hearty/natural flavors before terminal with a pleasant berry pleasantness at higher temperatures. Giving quick cerebral impacts that smooth into sturdy actual unwinding and sofa lock, with dryness and dry eyes as expected unfavorable impacts, this weed strain was imposingly intense.

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Sugar Leaf Organic

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19 reviews for Purple Drank Strain

  1. Julio

    This knocks me right out. I can barely stay up. One of the best strain I’ve had in a long time.
    Love, love, love.

  2. Goldxsounds

    Couch-y with this strain so far. Pleasant – but I am a Sativa guy, and this one got me sink into nap time

  3. Lennox_charb52

    This strain is Definitely nice for cfs/crps. Allows you to relax without sedating the you. Plus yummy as fuck.

  4. Neill Bolyard

    The high is absolutely soaring super potent lifted my head from monitor and the world seem different

  5. Bogdantodor

    Good combo very relaxing almost as good as Mac 1

  6. Vitalsithsense

    Way too overpowering for me I felt a little anxious, but that is more likely in my head than the bud. This was not my best choice to calm my inside as I could keep my feet still after smoking

  7. Obed Roland

    This is my weed family, love the soap and all who are employed under it Great selection and staff is very knowledgeable

  8. Obed Roland

    This is my weed family, love the soap and all who are employed under it Great selection and staff is very knowledgeable

  9. mrturnitup

    We always thought it was an indica bc it’s really stoney

  10. russian_greengoddess

    This is insane, checking all the boxes…nose/bag appeal/flavor/burn are all on point

  11. loudlitandout

    Imma keeping my ass at home cause cOVID so imma catch this drop when my delivery service stocks it😭😂🙌

  12. Solomon_wrist

    Is like basKin and Robbins with you guys you can’t just ever choose one flavor !!! Every strain is unique and amazing to it own self

  13. Billy916

    Love the purple drank so much a good strain

  14. countingpesos

    was lucky enough to get a jar sent to AZ best weed in the world if it aint respected it aint respected

  15. navidjavid93

    I am not a sativa man BUT this purple drank breath really hit different. Hands down THE BEST SATIVA dominate hybrid I’ve EVER had keep up the amazing work!

  16. bigt602

    Just picked it up at the purple drank strain excited about it. Does anyone happen to know the exact testing percentages? I asked my tender but they were not sure, besides the 23:1 ratio. Either way, happy to try some grown with the Organic love.

  17. urbnatural43

    Some awesome budz right here. Medicine at its finest. Keep up the great work guys.

  18. jacobtoro_

    Lo más bonito que he visto esta semana jajs

  19. Og-mary-ellen

    Definitely approved 🤠 the nuts were incredible 🔥

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