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Private Reserve OG Shatter. A secret stash is used to extract this golden beauty, available at low price. Shop now from Sugar Leaf Organic with free and fast delivery service

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Private Reserve OG has been a big deal for a good reason, since it’s one of the super select phenotypes of the original OG Kush. In concentrate form, it produces one of the smoothest waxes for dabbing. It is easy to shape for the nail, its pain killing effects are instant and would last for two hours with no couch lock or distractions. This one also eliminated our pesky peripheral spasms, so this would be a good choice for any patient with spasm conditions.

Chief’s Extracts invites you to experience dabs that are a shelf above with Private Reserve OG Shatter. Quality begins on the farm, Chief’s Extracts begins with the finest Private Reserve OG flowers that are cultivated, harvested, and cured to perfection. Once those buds leave their stems and arrive at the Chief’s Extracts facility, the real magic begins. The extraction artists isolate Private Reserve OG’s most desirable characteristics, resulting in shatter that mirrors the flavors and effects of the original strain.

A secret stash is used to extract this golden beauty, so heat up the rig and get ready for an epic blast of euphoria. The creamy bursts of clouds are likely to reinvigorate your social side and get ideas flowing. And while your brain gets a boost of stimulation, your body reaps all the relaxation. Fit for a king, but made by the Queen of Hearts, have a dab of Private Reserve OG Shatter and elevate your status to lit.

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