Northern Lights seeds Fem 10 pk

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Taste Peppery, Spicy, Fruits
  THC Up to 20%
  CBD < 1%
  Harvest EU Indoor 500 – 600 gr/m2
  Harvest US Indoor 1.6 – 2 oz/ft2
  Harvest EU Outdoor 60 – 160 gr/plant
  Harvest US Outdoor 2 – 5 oz/plant
  Size XL
  Height 90 – 120 cm
  Height US 35 – 47 inches
  Flowering 9 weeks
  Room Indoor/Outdoor
  Gender Feminized
  Genes Sativa 30%/Indica 70%
  Genetics Northern Light Autoflowering
  Autoflowering Yes


Northern Lights seeds is Associate in Nursing implausibly resilient autoflowing strain, that’s simple to grow and ideal for beginners. terribly generous yields that basically pack a punch once it involves result. This Indica hybrid is one for people who get pleasure from an honest couch lock. we were ready to enhance the very high plant resistance from the northern lights, and still as yields. a really powerful strain that responds well to cold and hot conditions and needs little maintenance. Associate in Nursing old fashioned classic that may extremely hit you between the eyes together with her powerful, long lasting effects.

Northern Lights Bud description

Her buds are lightweight, airy, frosty and virtually have an extended and slim structure. the form of the bud associate degreealogous|is comparable} to an acorn with swollen curl sticking everywhere. The trichomes square measure clustered along at each purpose of the bud, creating her an amazing possibility for hash manufacturers who work with dry sift..

Smoke report

Original auto northern lights can leave you on your knees beggary for more. you may feel her 20% THC efficiency instantly once lighting a joint, with a quick acting physical result that’s resembling a full blooded indica. The more you smoke, the deeper your slumber can become as she makes the eyes feel like they’re melting and a full couch lock result on your entire body. we have a tendency to advocate this strain for evening times once you ought to shut far from an extended day, or to induce an extended deep sleep, lolling at home with nothing to do, looking movies and exploitation as very little energy as attainable

Northern Lights Plant Appearance

When growing Original auto northern lights seeds, you’ll be able to expect plants to achieve a height of 90-120cm. She grows quite massive and can reward you with associate degree abundance of top of the range buds which will be up to 500-600gr/m2. Internodal spacing are going to be terribly short creating her simple to grow and maintain, that is why she is right for beginner growers. Her leaf structure are going to be a classic indica look with a thick main stem and chunky hardwood aspect branches. A rock solid producer of glossy savory sweet buds, inside and outdoors a awfully well-liked selection for growers who expertise cold and wet weather.

Grow Tips

Her high levels of resilience mean she will be able to drive back disease with no problems creating her an incredible selection for colder climates that have short summers and rain. This strain additionally encompasses a high resistance to bugs and insects creating her sensible for gardens that area unit over run with pests. This girl will take a high E.C and can reward you with dense, weighted buds. we tend to advise flushing a pair of weeks before harvest to get rid of any nutrients which will have engineered up over time.


A hard bodied indica Marijuana Strain that contains deep flavors of mouthwatering savory terpenes. She is spicy on the palette with sensations of pepper, spice and a gentle fruitiness. Original auto northern lights is more earthy than pungent however she definitely smells like she packs some hearth power.

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    This shocked me with that been said it start to flowering own it’s own but really interesting to to see frosty and full of nodes the smell is what’s described always a pleasure SugarLeafOrganic cheers…

  3. alexrico4roots

    What’s Instored for the strains this upcoming year and could I work for your corporation?

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    Big Cannabis taking over.🥺

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    Sending a pack into flower my self! Missed out on the clone drop as well haha!

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