Nut Cookie 300mg


Visual/Texture the complete appearance of the typical regular WMN cookie, with the white chocolate and Macadamia nuts protruding from the surface. Circular shaped with a softness to it, slightly hardened surface with a soft interior. Golden brown, evenly baked the throughout the entire biscuit

Flavor – great tasting, and hard to believe that this is dosed with no taste of weed during or after. Only the sweet cookie flavoring, with the Macadamia nuts and white chocolate taste completely masking any marijuana or distillate taste. Had I not pulled this from a bag with the labelled dosage, I could have been convinced this was a regular cookie



Potency – labelled as a 300mg hitter, I decided to play it safe by initially starting by halving the cookie, and decided mine as well see what the results of its entirety would be. After downing the whole thing, I was slowly descended into a euphoric haze, met up by a full body relaxation, with an elevation in mood, and a constant battle to keep my eyes more than slightly open. In conclusion, ended up crashing hard earlier in the evening, which also ended up being for a lengthier amount of time than expected


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