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Mochi Gelato

Mochi Gelato is a popular medical strain. Its potency means you can use it to combat the chronic pain that’s a symptom of conditions such as fibromyalgia. It could also prove useful if you have insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, or fatigue. While you can use it in moderation during the day, you can get a good night’s sleep by using a larger dose in the late evening.

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Mochi Gelato, is a tasty strain developed by San Francisco-based growers Sherbinskis. Named after the soy-based Japanese dessert, Mochi is a combination of staple hybrid Girl Scout Cookies and fruity Sunset Sherbet. Thstrain carries a sweet, herbal aroma and an even balance of mental and physical effects. The THC content has been measured at between 21% and a whopping 29%. The Mochi Gelato strain is sweet, fruity, and creamy – just like the famous Japanese ice cream dessert. You’ll first notice a gelato-like richness, followed by fruity and tropical undertones, interwoven with peppermint and lavender on exhale. It’s great for clearing your mind and relaxing. Due to how sedated it can make you feel, it’s popular amongst those with anxiety disorders and sleep disorders alike.

Whether the Mochi strain of marijuana is named after the rice cake is open for debate. It is a relatively new hybrid with a high THC level. Over in the UK, it is classified as a ‘luxury’ strain, alongside Chicken & Waffles, and Birthday Cake. Be grateful if you live in an American state where it is legal, or in Canada.


This strain tastes similar to how it smells. Whether you are inhaling or exhaling, it will feel as if you are enjoying a fruit cocktail or another tropical dessert. You will find it very hard to put this cannabis down! On the inhale, you get sweet, tangy, and creamy notes. On the exhale, you get hints of peppermint, earth, and lavender.


Mochi Gelato strain is known for producing a strong purple coloring in patches while the bud is coated with glistening trichomes around harvest time. It is one of the most beautiful marijuana strains you are likely to see. One look at a mature Mochi plant and you know it is a potent strain. Once you break up the resinous nugs, you will find that they fall apart evenly, making them ideal for joint rolling.

 Mochi Gelato Growing INFO

Don’t bother trying to hunt down Mochi seeds or genetics. It is a clone-only strain known for being extremely vigorous from the early vegetative stage right through to harvest. It produces large, dense buds and a yield far greater than what one would expect from a so-called ‘boutique’ strain.  If you ever have the opportunity to grow Mochi Gelato strain, you won’t have many issues with space because it grows short and squat. The flowering time on the strain is 9-10 weeks, and you may be surprised at the thickness of the buds when it is time to harvest. In the event that you get your hands on Mochi genetics and have outdoor space to work with, you can expect the plants to be ready for harvest by the end of September or the beginning of October. The plants will be short but produce plenty of buds. The diminutive stature of the Mochi plants makes them easy to cover if the rainy season comes early.

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