Mimosa Cake Auto Fem 10 pk

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Taste Lemon, Earthy, Floral
  THC Up to 24%
  CBD < 1%
  Harvest EU Indoor 450 – 550 gr/m2
  Harvest US Indoor 1.5 – 1.8 oz/ft2
  Harvest EU Outdoor 60 – 160 gr/plant
  Harvest US Outdoor 2 – 5 oz/plant
  Size XL
  Height 110 – 130 cm
  Height US 43 – 51 inches
  Flowering 9 weeks
  Room Indoor/Outdoor
  Gender Feminized
  Genes Sativa 60%/Indica 40%
  Genetics Mimosa Cake Auto
  Autoflowering Yes


Mimosa Cake Auto Fem produces a fast flowering and massive producer Sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain reaches around 120cm and can yield up to 550gr/m2, rewarding growers with extremely resinous buds in 63 days. Mimosa Cake strain offers a robust and well-defined fruity aroma that comes in conjunction with an extreme sweetness and earthiness, and because of the insane 24% THC, provides a strong head buzz with and a faint nonetheless still gratifying corporal relaxation. a decent smoke for those that are searching for both every day and nighttime impact that permits you to go through your days without feeling too elated or tired.

Mimosa Cake Bud description

The Ping-Pong ball-sized buds grow mostly light-green with dark-green hues and generally exhibiting pink highlights that offer the buds a hypnotizing appearance and reek of a sweet cocktail with a powerful earthy aroma. due to the insane trichome production, it’s like there are trichomes growing on prime of trichomes, creating the buds look virtually fluffy and giving them that sticky look every industrial cultivator seeks after.

Smoke report

Mimosa Cake auto is a Sativa-dominant hybrid however because of the handpicked terpene profile, its strong Sativa high comes hand-in-hand with a pleasant Indica aspect, creating it a strain suited to both day and nighttime use. once smoked too much, you will feel the cerebral high more additional and might get you talking a lot and obtain the munchies, therefore watch out! however moderately, you’ll feel a pleasant body high that calms the nerves and motivates you, exploit you during a relaxed mindstate with a laser-sharp focus.

Plant appearance

This strain grows quite tall for an auto flower and develops a tall main cola that reaches up to 120cm, surrounded by multiple side branches that grow upwards in different heights, giving it a pine-like structure. You can expect a bushy plant with relatively small fan leaves and long branches that get completely enveloped in extremely dense buds and can yield up to 550gr/m2, a great auto flower for all types of growers who are looking for a top-of-the-line harvest without much maintenance or extra efforts.

Mimosa Cake Grow tips

Due to the density of the buds, we tend to suggest providing support to the branches throughout the last weeks of flowering to avoid the branches from snapping. It’s counseled to perform LST since early growth therefore the lightweight reaches all flowering sites equally, doing this can conjointly enable air to flow in between the buds, preventing mold and increasing the yields even additional. This strain is a outstanding trichome producer, counseled for extractors and hash manufacturers who are searching for high amounts of high-grade rosin.


This strain offers a contemporary and appetising terpene combine that tastes a bit like the cocktail; A sweet terpene combine with a powerful lemon background that tastes just like it smells. You’ll expertise a stronger earthy and sweet floral taste on the inhale that gradually transforms into a fruity and virtually tropical taste with a touch of wild berry and a pinch of sourness on the exhale. a very delicious smoke, a must-try for fruity terpene lovers and people searching for the most effective terps for his or her extractions.

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3 reviews for Mimosa Cake Auto Fem 10 pk

  1. Jannazuckar

    I am tempted to get another tent and start popping seeds

  2. Cheefkingz

    Just about as perfect a grow as it gets 👌🔥 I took some notes on that how it’s done 😂😍

  3. My_sparkkling_personality

    Bought this and a few other strains. Oh damn this plant is a beast. Sativa vigor or some scientific stuff, cuz this plant blew up in week 8 of flower and didn’t stop till day 63.. Rank, stank, and heavy as a tanks. Going to be our keeper!!

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