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Mendo Breath is an indica-dominating strain with a deliciously sweet vanilla and caramel flavor. This strain induces deep feelings of relaxation, so directed for those looking to unwind. Mendo Breath can help insomnia, stress, and pain, making it a popular medicinal strain.
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Everything You Need To Know About: Mendo Breath

Mendo Breath is an indica marijuana strain, bottoming at (19% to 20% THC) made by crossing OGKB with Mendo Montage. This strain creates a euphoric high with omnipotent body effects that help relieve pain and discomfort. While it may be seductive to smoke this strain during the day, it’s important to save it for after work or before bed.

Mendo Breath is an easy-going bud that give back the user the feeling of being in a cool ocean breeze, circled by candy shops and a buzzing boardwalk. Bred by Gage Green Genetics, this smooth-textured indica-dominant strain is part OG Kush Breath (also known as OGKB) and part passing rare Mendo Montage.

This strain is great for users who suffer from insomnia, pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and tension as its sedative properties are the foremost effect. With the power to uplift and send users into a euphoric state of being, medical users often handle stress and depression with this strain. Be aware that although this is an easy smoke, it is also hard-hitting and can be overwhelming to new users.


A Mendo Breath plant creates a dense coating of heavy frosted, mint green buds. Growing prominently among them are bright orange pistils that complement the purple calyxes attractively.

Flavor and Aroma 

Those skunk, floral features combine for an earthy, skunky OG flavor. This will drown out most of the sweetness that your nose picks up, though some citrus and vanilla notes will stick out to the sides of your tongue if you look for them.

Effects of Mendo Breath

Mendo Breath’s calming properties felt almost across the board. Initial euphoria quickly impelled to the curb by munchies, yawns and an insatiable need to stretch on the couch in front of the TV. You are most like to experience the following.

  • Body High
  •  Euphoria
  •  Happy
  •  Relaxing
  • Sleepy 

 Medical Benefits  

The outstanding thing about this cannabis strain is that it offers many benefits to the medicinal and recreational cannabis consumer. Mendo Breath may help with the following.

  • Chronic Pain
  •  Cramps
  •  Muscle Spasms

Side Effects of the Mendo Breath 

A significant side effect of consuming Mendo Breath strain is its dreaded couch-lock outcome. Users are more expected to experience it if they overconsume and will likely feel too stoned to operate properly. It is the reason Mendo Breath users recommend consuming this strain in the evening.

Preferred Consumption Method

Smoke OR Vaporize

Preferred Smoking Time

Mendo Breath is a perfect nighttime strain.


Mendo Breath Growing INFO

Available only as a clone, Mendo Breath requires maximum care and attention of a seasoned grower. It is highly sensitive to diseases and pests, especially in the beginning. Placing the cuttings in starter cubes, exposing it to slightly warmer room temperature (between 22 °C and 25 °C), an 18/6 lighting schedule for faster root creation, and a wet climate will promote it to form roots in one or two days.

Once its roots have turned out and developed, it gets a little resistance. Subsequently, growers may either continue growing it indoors or transfer it outdoors. Coming from a matured plant, its growing cycle is relatively quick, as it matures within weeks.

It is the best campaigner for the Sea of Green method, which coaxes a single cola to make multiple buds. At the same time, it increases space by placing at least four plants in a delegated area. Another advantage of promoting vertical growth is that it does not apply high amounts of stress that may shock Mendo Breath, turn out in stunted growth.

Mediums also count when it comes to cultivating Mendo Breath. A hydroponics system promotes vigorous growth and bud production while also reducing the time. Free of pests, yields from a plant grown in the soilless average are ‘cleaner’ than ones grown in soil. This is not to say growers should keep off using soil. Rather, checking to see if the medium is free of pests or disease is essential.


It takes up to 7 to 9 weeks for Mendo Breath to amply bloom. At harvest, it brings out between 10 o 12 ounces (0.45 kg) of buds per square meter. Cultivators may change magnitude of yields by stretching the flowering time period by a week.


Mendo Breath normally flowers from the last week of September to the heart of October. It yields at least 12 ounces (0.45 kg) of buds per plant once fully matured.

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10 reviews for Mendo Breath

  1. Charnay

    Omg I love this strain the taste the effect just love it. It is a night time flower tho

  2. Jackson

    AMAZING! one of my all time favourites. Super strong! not for novice smokers

  3. 254ramon

    Started at a millow buzz calming the pain and revealing the effects relief all around a winner

  4. Tallball1278

    Feels very indica to me. It’s alright in the intensity department, but the flavor is great. Definitely not a daytime strain for me, as the high from this one was sedating.

  5. Trippy2valid

    Tasted as if i smoked it through an old dirty pipe thats never been cleaned (no, thats not what i smoked it through). At best i can say its better than nothing and i suppose i got some cbd’s from it.(sad face)

  6. Awais13-am

    Not really strong but a nice strain to smoke and enjoy nature

  7. Oscar.lopez

    I love it, this strain is the best, as weel as scunk lg.

  8. Decal Johnson

    Simply amazing a perfect end to stress day! Very relaxing and gives that uplifting vibe

  9. Thebiscuitz

    Nothing better than this in the East Coast keep em locked

  10. Chrisbelintine

    Been looking for this 20 yrs. Its the s$&t.

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