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Buy Mad Labs carts online from sugar leaf organic. We guarantee that cannabis oil contain 100% natural flavors and tested for quality. Safe delivery to your door steps, potency, and cleanliness guaranteed.

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Buy Mad Labs Carts Online

Buy Mad Labs carts online today. Wide Hemp Concentrate, gotten from the whole hemp plant and contains a large assortment of Phyto cannabinoids and terpenes.


Original Mad Labs carts have a flavor placement at the highest and a holographic background that is that of the colorful bear mascot. The Bear placement aligned directly with the labs on top of it, and therefore the QR code and IG hangout are on the facet written in white. The bottom of the box is empty, and it’s a unique sticker batch as well as a verification code.

Everything About: Mad Labs Carts

This cart solves the problem of counterfeit knock-offs with AN innovative authentication method. Every product comes with a scratch-off authentication code. The code can be authenticated on the VERIFICATION TAB to verify if this cartridge isn’t counterfeit.
Because of our mission to produce only the very best quality cannabis vape oils, the corporate embraces full transparency. Every product contains 2 QR codes. The primary results in third-party research lab take a look at results. The buyer has to solely purpose their smartphone camera at the QR code and that they are instantly transported to a close certificate of analysis (COA) for the exact product in their hand. The second Mad Labs QR code results on Instagram, wherever we tend to post all of our third-party research lab results.

Mad Labs carts is one in every of the right carts to stay your head down once on day.

However, Mad Labs carts oils are free of unnatural chemical additives like potentially deadly vitamin E acetate, antifreeze (PG), synthetic resin glycol (PEG), and vegetable glycerine (VG). No harsh solvents utilized in the extraction. Moreover, each batch is third-party tested and authorized to be free from pesticides, serious metals, mycotoxins (aflatoxins), foreign contaminants, and residual solvents. All Mad Labs cartridges crammed with the best quality. Whole-plant, high-THC cannabis oils that are Delta nine category three certified and all-natural terpenes — Recent lab tests have placed the THC content of Mad Labs’ cannabis oil cartridges at a thumping 82 potency.

All  products made of BC 2-row malted barley. Brewed and soured in-house, and distilled through our direct-fire pot still, manufacturing a gently sweet and aromatic spirit that’s bottled as Mad Dog single malt white, or additional processed into vodka and gin.

Mad labs carts flavors

 Indica strains

Sativa strains

  • Mochi Gelato,
  •  Romulan grapefruit
  •   Lemonberry
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Cactus Cooler

 Hybrid strains

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Buy carts from us online. We deliver in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. We have all of your favorite variety with great quality at affordable price.

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2 reviews for Mad Labs Carts

  1. Paul shaver

    just picked up 10 madlabs and they’re actually pretty fucking good carts. Much stronger than a lot of brands on the BM & I have no complaints about them right now. But things change.

  2. naturalvibration

    Im gonna still rip it open just cause I’m that excited to hit it.

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