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London Pound Cake Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid from the breeders of California-based Cookies FAM. London pound cake may be a cross between Sunset Sherbet associated to an unknown hybrid strain (the breeders have unbroken the strain’s true lineage underneath wraps). With a THC of  30%, this potent strain is certainly for a lot of seasonal cannabis consumers—but for the experienced smoker.



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Everything About: London Pound Cake Strain

London pound cake is an associate indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Sunset frappé with another indica-heavy hybrid strain. The London Pound cake high is just as pleasant as a result of the flavor, with calming and targeted effects that area unit every relaxing and lifting in nature. You’ll feel a light-weight raise at the onset of the high that fills you with a calming sense of targeted focus, gently easing away negativity. As your mind settles, a soothing body high go on you, unalarming you into a rather couch-locked state that doesn’t cause Associate in Nursing excessive quantity of sedation in any respect. Thanks to these effects and its insanely high of twenty-ninth average psychoactive drug level.


The London Pound Cake strain buds made up of coiled, olive-green leaves, with purple streaks running from some stems of those plants unwrapped to lower temperatures. Over half the buds’ are tightly coiled clumps of fiery-orange pistils. A crystal trichome glaze gives the buds the visual aspect of a morning frost.

Flavor and Aroma

The aroma from London Pound Cake strain is quite intense, but enjoyable. Lemon and citrus odors mix with an earthy pine scent. Burning this strain bring out a sweet, vanilla cookie flavor, and sour berry aftertaste.

Preferred Smoking Time

The mild sharpness and the slow traveling bodily effects make it a cold strain for evening use.

Preferred Consumption Method

Smoke OR Vaporize

London Pound Cake Strain Effects:

  • Relaxation
  • Calming
  • Sleepiness

Negative effects

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dizziness

 Medical Benefits  

London Pound Cake Strain thought to be a medical-boon as its high mind-altering drug Content and restful capabilities helps in varied aspects.

The mix of physical and mental effects permits the users to battle their chronic pain, fatigue, or inflammation, beside battling problems like anxiety disorder, depression, etc. Even folks full of migraines have found their relief within the cake-y strain.

The strain additionally identified to cause a case of munchies, that helps cancer patients and people UN agency have lost their craving to realize it back and maintain a healthy weight. The restful condition induces creative thinking and quality, serving to with ADD and hyperkinetic syndrome.

London Pound Cake Growing INFO

This cannabis Strain originally bred by Cookies. The primary issue to understand concerning growing this strain is that the seeds ar a small amount onerous to search out.  However, if you’re extremely determined, you’ll be able to jazz – however it’s progressing to price you. These seeds take concerning twelve weeks to grow. They’re appropriate for growing either inside or outdoors. Don’t expect to search out any feminized versions of seeds, thus be ready to “weed” out the males once you’ll be able to establish them.

Because they’re valuable to get, the London pound cake strain remains one in every of the additional mysterious cannabis plants to grow. The consequences of smoking this weed  documented, however, growing it is another issue altogether. Like most marijuana strains, expect additional data to develop as others begin to grow it.

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16 reviews for London Pound Cake Strain

  1. Osielsanchez13

    Super helpful with my anxiety when everything made me freak out. Will definitely buy again

  2. Armz_korleone

    Not speedy or nervous, but very uplifting. Great genes too I’m happy to have it here in Manchester your service is amazing

  3. Matthewsw.04

    Excellent bud up to my expectations the aroma, buzz got it all covered looking forward to order more

  4. Cristiantrenn

    Jeez, I feel bad, this strain gets rave reviews…I tried the vape, nothing special. Might give the flower a go- really scratching my head on this one, perhaps my body chem is different enough?….

  5. Chad.curry

    A Cannabis legend. A must have in your “spice” rack. my favorite strain

  6. Ken Binkley

    They have a huge collection of cannabis products, but the most excellent one I came across is London pound cake. This is truly amazing! I’m going to recommend them to my friends as well.

  7. Justo ruiz

    this is an excellent strain to sleep on. love it.

  8. Kell-Bo

    Authentic chill mood after I smoked this the pack punch with great happiness

  9. Nickmateuspinzons

    Smell taste and A1 effects. Love this LPC strain

  10. Danrocmac

    These guys are light weight I say a day

  11. Jimmy Martinez

    this strains ability to make u worryfree and sociable with a buzz to keep u grounded…one of the best strains no matter what 👍

  12. mrturnitup

    I had some of this last week. Some fucking dank! I recommend everyone to try it

  13. don_1ser

    This shit just hits different for me. Checks all the boxes.

  14. inkbypolo

    Great packaging!!, taste and burning🔥🔥🔥

  15. santosh_580

    I’ve been buying your sun grown every few days for terps, its all flavor packed bud perfect timing with money tight dank and I’m a snoob

  16. alltheway2heavn

    BEST strain ever! Amazing. 🔥 Please keep dropping this one in the 520

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