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King gladiator XIII has a storied history, hailing from southern California. King Louis xiii could be a strain that seems on several “favorite OG Kush phenotype lists” of OG Kush enthusiasts, and has been for many years. This strain is sort of potent, frequently testing for over 20 THC. These buds’ area unit therefore potent, they’re visibly pitch once jerky or maybe handled. The scent of those buds could be a fragrant pine, with made earthiness and a touch of skunk and diesel. The style of the King Louis xiii strain could be a crisp, refreshing citrus with tinges of skunk and diesel, very like the smell suggests. The smoke will prove harsh on the throat.

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Everything About: King Louis XIII Strain

The effects of King Louis xiii strain area unit powerful, exploit users nostalgic with its clear OG characteristics. This strain offers users a deep relaxation, quietening them into a deep get it on, a pleasing pressure behind the eyes. The body stone can return on fast and still step up as time passes, providing a sense of deep sedation. This strain, like most strains of cannabis, offers a spread of helpful applications. The deep relaxation provided by the stone may be a nice aid in assuaging stress and anxiety. This deep relaxation also will prove helpful to those that suffer sleep disorder, serving to users fall asleep well before sunrise and rouse feeling a lot of reinvigorated and well-rested. King Louis xiii conjointly offers pain relieving effects, and may be helpful for those full of muscle spasms. The strain offers deep relaxation, creating it an important hitter among different strains once it involves meditative properties.

Flavor and  Aroma:

  • spicy
  • hops
  • earthy
  • citrus pine  hops


King Louis XIII Strain has a medium-sized bud, light green, studded with yellow, and a coat of sticky white trichomes holding the high concentrations of THC.

Preferred Smoking Time

This strain is best saved for evening use after the day is out.

King Louis xiii Strain Effects:

  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Dizzy
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth

Medical Benefits

  • Insomnia
  • Reduce Stress
  • Relieve Pain Help
  • Depression
  • Restore Appetite

Negative Effects 

  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Paranoia
  • Hungry


King Louis xiii seeds, have the choice of growing inside or outdoors. If you’ve got the area and personal land, growing outside conjointly means that you need to sleep in a sunny and dry climate.


If you grow it outdoors, ensure the daytime temperature is between 68- and 80-degrees physicist. King Louis XIII can be ready for harvest by the tip of September or within the initial week or 2 of October. Whereas flowering time is between eight and nine weeks, some growers try to harvest early as a result of it’s still a superb surrendered. However, waiting an additional week helps bring out the sweet pine flavor it’s best noted for.


If you decide on to grow this strain inside, think about an agriculture setup. King Louis xiii responds well to the Screen of inexperienced (SCROG) or Sea of Green (SOG) methods; particularly if you fill your growing house with clones. After you train your plants and force them into flowering a touch earlier, you’ll be able to regularly rotate your cannabis garden.

Indoor growing conjointly has the good thing about protective the plants from harsh weather. King Louis xiii is at risk of mold from excess humidness outdoors, thus watch out. It’s a hungry strain, thus embody countless nitrogen within the vegetative stage, at the side of supplemental Phosphorus, Calcium, and Mg.

Your out-of-doors yield ought to be around twenty-one ounces per plant. Indoors, it’s eighteen ounces per square meter planted, however you’ll be able to boost it by introducing further carbon dioxide into the growth space.

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9 reviews for King Louis XIII Strain

  1. Christopher M

    King Louis is the best ever! It feels damn good when you can enjoy your flower and not think about when you’re gonna roll your next one. It’s strong, but not harsh. We didn’t even have to smoke a full one, half will get you high but motivated. Thanks Canna for providing this product!

  2. Ethan$44

    This is such a powerhouse strain. I Buy it up every chance I come across and was not disappointed trying it from an online store because the quality and bud was amazing doesn’t disappoint Grade A++

  3. Joe cortinas

    Just picked up some pack ..looks and smells just as the name! A great night time strain, slept great! A must try my friends!

  4. William.Brinkley

    I bought an ounce of it, I saw the big bud in the bag I told myself that this time, it’s not shitty weed. When I opened the bag, I took a deep smell, and damn that was dank, like very unpleasant smell, it had nothing to do with the previous ones I bought, Although I could still smell some sweet in there, and the basic strong skunk aroma, with something else I cannot describe.

  5. A.smith

    Some truly nice stuff on this web I love it

  6. Randywright1989

    Very low lol. It’s fine, but I think there’s much better King Louis Bud descendent. Got overrated

  7. Nile:200

    Great smell and taste relaxing easily one of my fav strains after trying

  8. lifeaboutmatthew

    Great strain who’s cut of jet fuel og did u guys grow?

  9. Slyest0370

    Can’t Keep A Good Man Down!! They will Neva Eva Take out your Crown!! 👑

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