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Guava Diamonds

A sativa-leaning hybrid from the Cookies Fam, Guava is a Gelato phenotype. Noted for its fruity and gassy aroma and flavor, this strain is great for anyone with a sweet tooth. Guava was selected and celebrated as a good strain to start the day with, so next time you have a busy Saturday, grab this strain to make it through.

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Guava Diamonds deliver the same power and purity you’ve come to expect from Raw Gardens original Refined Live Resin™ Diamonds, but in a far more adaptable and versatile format. Crushed Diamonds come perfectly shattered into an easy-to-use crystalline-crumble. It’s a THCa concentrate that moves beyond the dab rig into joints and bowls. The ultra-fine texture means these powerful cannabinoid-crystals are easy to sprinkle onto bowls, roll up into joints, or enjoy with a traditional or cold start dabs.



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    Made first order. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5

    You cannot go wrong buying this decent and top shelf all the way

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