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Girl Scout Cookies Diamond’s tasty treats have a mild terp profile and make for excellent dabbing. On top of being extremely potent, THC diamonds are visually stunning. Girl Scout Cookies has a spicy chocolate flavor, with a diesel exhale that turns slightly sweet. Perfect for chronic pain, depression and head related illnesses and conditions.

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These Diamonds carry 80-90% percent THC and pack an amazing high. These crystalline formations of this product are willing to shake up the concentrate world. On top of being extremely potent, Girl Scout Cookies Diamonds are visually stunning. Users can expect consistently knock out amazing quality, taste, and effects from this amazing extraction.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain,  is one of the most popular hybrid strains in existence. Due to its potency, it is used predominantly for stress relief in patients. This strain also helps with anxieties, pain alleviation, depression and sometimes insomnia. Although the taste is mostly sweet, the aroma from this cannabis strain has earthy undertones. It tastes like chocolate, cherry, mint and lemongrass all at the same time.


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