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Gelatti is a great marijuana strain to satisfy hybrid enthusiasts. The cannabis is created by cross-breeding Gelato and OG Biscotti. You can’t go wrong with those strains, so expect the Gelatti strain to have an insane flavor with a relaxing yet uplifting high.

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Gelatti strain is hybrid marijuana bred from crossing Gelato and Biscotti strain. This cannabis strain is hard to find out of California (like most strains from Cookies). This strain is a potent strain of ganja, clocking in around 20-23% THC. It is known as a quick-hitter with a balanced high that will hit you from the first exhale. You will note a complete state of relaxation drenched over your body while your mind stays agile enough to be functional and productive.

This mental energy that Gelatti strain produces, alongside physical relaxation, makes it a good daytime bud for those during a tough day. Smokers will also enjoy the sweet aftertaste coming from the Gelato heritage on the exhale. Those who enjoy classic breeds of OG will rave over Gelatti strain

Everything About: Gelatti strain

This strain terpenes will make any old school OG lover’s day with a thick mouthful that coats your senses as you exhale into a Stoney haze The terpene profile is so unique as well. This strain is rich in Terpinolene, Ocimene and Limonene. More so Ocimene is not prominent in many cannabis strains, but it can aid in the pungent essence and help boost energy levels. Terpinolene has an uplifting effects to boost can boost your mood. Meanwhile Limonene will help to reduce the effects of anxiety and stress. These 3 terpenes will create a blend that makes Gelatti strain useful for daytime use in times where you need to relax and settle into a project. The physical relaxation from this strain will come from the THC potency while the terpenes aid the mental boost consumers experience.

Gelatti strain is too new to have a big place in the medicinal marijuana market, but it does seem to help an array of conditions.

Gelatti Strain helps with 

Loss Of Appetite

 Chronic Stress


Chronic Pain







This strain is one of the indoors favoring strains but can be grown outdoors as well. Gelatti seeds love warm and humid environments. Flowering time usually estimated to take 7 to 9 weeks depending on the conditions.

Indoor plants can give a yield of 16 ounces per meter square. If it is grown properly as required the buds should be dense and big. The color of the nugs is light green with purple tones. Orange hairs and purplish-white trichomes are more likely to show themselves on fully grown buds.

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This is a quick-hitter strain with a balanced high that suit daytime use. Gelatti strain will give you healing and relaxation effects for both Medical and Recreational Users. If you are worried about how to buy this strain online, We are here to assist you get hold on the best quality. We deliver in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.


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6 reviews for Gelatti Strain

  1. ChristopherSam

    Ordered biscotti from this shop and got it delivered today. Nice product in good packaging! I Will order products from here again and will recommend my friends as well.

  2. Patrickwilly

    By far the best hybrid I’ve come across. The taste was amazing and overall I’m very happy with the nug

  3. Ben_cencysnakes

    I have really bad anxiety and depression and have had really good and really bad experiences with weed. Lately I’ve been self medicating a little bit, trying every new strain I can in hopes of finding the perfect clear headed high, with feelings of euphoria and mood stability. I think I’ve found it with this one! I honestly feel so good, mellow and happy. Very clear headed. Waking and baking this morning was incredible! Highly highly reccomend.

  4. Bill dolce

    A very enjoyable strain to use Helped with my severe anxiety and balanced creativity. Will be coming back!

  5. Ryan_rock

    Ive been buying your Gelatti strain every few days for terps, its all flavor packed bud for Its perfect timing with money tight but fire dank 100% and im a snob

  6. mrniceguybrand

    Got us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside

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