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Exactly what you would expect from a cross of Cherry Cookies and The White, Frosted Cherry Cookies strain is a trichome-rich take on the popular Cherry Cookies. Bred by Liberty Reach, this strain is tasty like the classic GSC with a sweet profile that is also crisp and fresh. The smooth taste makes for an enjoyable smoke for any stoner for a perfect high as you float into a mellow headspace. Frosted Cherry Cookies is a great daytime for experienced users, but also pleasant for anyone smoking at the end of the night.

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Everything About: Frosted cookies Strain

Frosted Cookies is a hybrid strain, These genetics embody girl scout Cookies and The White. It originates from: Afghanistan, and South Africa. This strain could style fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. Once smoke-cured, this strain will cause you to feel high spirits, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief.


  • Berry
  •  Cherry
  •  Herbal
  •  Sweet


  • Berry
  •  Cherry
  •  Earthy
  •  Herbal

Effects of Frosted cookies Strain:

This hybrid cannabis strain to associate with it high level of 26% THC will deliver long-lasting effects in thirst and dry mouth icon.

Medical Benefits of Frosted cookies Strain

This cannabis strain effects will help medical marijuana patients handle diseases and disorders such as.

  • Relief from stress
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  •  Nausea

Negative Effects 

Some negative aspects include: slight anxiety and slight dry mouth. When growing this strain, growers have found that it’s a moderate issue to grow, has a min of 60 flowering days in its bloom cycle and is a low yield plant.

Preferred Smoking Time

Great for a comfortable Afternoon and for Evening use

Preferred Smoking Method

Smoke or Vaporize

Growing INFO

This strain bred by Liberty Reach, this strain is tasty just like the classic GSC with a sweet profile that is additionally crisp and contemporary. The sleek style makes for an agreeable smoke, as you float into a mellow indefinite quantity. Cultivators will expect plants to achieve a medium height and have a potent aroma as they flower. If you’re involved concerning nosy neighbors, contemplate indoor planting beside a smell-proof system, simply just in case. When nine to ten weeks, your yield can in all probability be quite giant.

Online Services: Frosted Cookies for Sale:

Buy this cannabis strain and enjoy the smoking experience, the perfect high as you float into a mellow headspace. The combined flavor and potent nature on point that feels you with creativity. This strain is available online for both Medical and Recreational purpose. Buy Frosted cookies in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada today. You get the best quality product for a good price.




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12 reviews for Frosted cookies Strain

  1. AndrewK65

    My response was exactly the opposite of the description above. After only two draws from the single joint I bought, I became hyper alert, watching my thoughts, which picked up in speed. My thoughts kept trying to reflect on my existential situation, but that is not what I planned to do at all. I wanted the night “off”. I couldn’t relax enough to read or watch Netflix, even after a drink. Felt tired but couldn’t let go enough to go to sleep. I should add that I smoke only rarely and that’s usually at gatherings of old friends with plenty to drink. I’m a senior who did my share of psychedelics 40 years ago, and who has always been sensitive to THC, It seems the 23% of THC just tripped me out (rather than relaxed me in). The remaining two thirds of the stick is going to be put away for a long time. (Just ignore my star rating. It seems clear I had an idiosyncratic reaction.)

  2. Itstylerg93

    My first time trying this strain, great indica, all the clouds and pain are gone, just in super chill mode, without the super couchlock. And the taste and smell of this bud…well

  3. Andriou_hb

    A little goes a long ways with this stuff I love it

  4. Jordycoronado21

    strong stuff, was a little harsh for me when I first started. It is very Earthy and Woody. Great to calm mania and depression while smoothing out the Bipolar DO. Wow helps fatigue and fibromyalgia too. MM MM Good give me more!!!

  5. Rolandgrant

    Good shat, if you’re interested in relaxing with a happy high, that doesn’t knock you out. Not that motivating, but offer will give a great chill

  6. faded friction

    This one is soo fire! Picked it up twice, back to back! .This isn’t your local weed plug buds on their snapchat story.

  7. Frayon2

    Some of the best flower in the game

  8. Therealcosco

    Never had to wait in line to smoke it either 💯

  9. Puffinnofire

    Great breeding program….. Massive respect ✌️💚

  10. jackg770

    3 days cant come enough

  11. mcbrideeee

    I received an email from your service this morning. Florida packaging approved, does that mean this weekend?

  12. spark10331034

    I can’t wait for the day I can grow some ya gasoline this empress is a princessss🙌

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