Double chocolate chip 200mg


Quality – these circular double chocolate “Delite’s” were both delicious and accurately dosed. Excellent treat to finish off your day and have you ready to do limited movement. I’ll be gripping more of these or another flavor that they have on the the go 100%. Great grab and effective for anyone who is a fan of chocolate cookies, these will do justice

Flavor – very accurately named, with the double chocolate and the chocolate chips, these were chocolate central. Great chocolate flavor, fairly soft with a nice crunch, without any lingering aftertaste at all, other than more chocolate of course



Potency – the package reaching a 200mg total, with each cookie packing in at 50mg per biscuit. Being a fairly regular edible user, I figured to down all 4 of the chocolate cookies in one sitting and they definitely hit me as a proper 200mg should. Great bake, body stone is on point, very sedative leaving me in a relaxed euphoric state, and followed off with a solid sleep


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