Dosi Punch Live Resin

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  • Strain:  Dosi Punch {Dos Y Dos x Purple Punch F2}
    Odor: gas, grape, and cookies.
  • Effects: couch-lock Giggly
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Dosi Punch Live resin is step by step, changing into a favorite of dabbers and vapers everyplace. This concentrate is filled with natural cannabis flavor of Dosi Punch strain  and cannabinoids, it’s thought-about by several as at least one of the most effective concentrates on the market. Dosi Punch Live resin is understood to several as a Giggly Icon.

Dosi Punch Live resin strain is a Sativa plant Bred by Symbiotic genetic science that mixes flavors of gas, grape, and cookies.

The Dosi Punch weed is made by breeding between Purple Punch F2 and Do-Si-Dos. It makes for a delicious smoke because of its fruity, nutty flavor, bound up with a diesel note on exhale. Its aroma resembles sweet fruits with hints of herbs, spicy earth, and a pleasant pungent fuel.

With a mind-altering drug of around V-J Day, this strain is hard-hitting and durable. Novice smokers ought to take caution once overwhelming such a potent strain. Those that will handle the robust effects are left feeling relaxed and happy, however solely once they expertise an important stony sensation.

The effects begin with lightheadedness and high spirits, combined with a sleepy-eyed overtone that turns into a couch-lock. Because of these effects and therefore the high efficiency, the DoSi Punch marijuana is usually chosen by folks that suffer from sleep disorder, anxiety, chronic pain, or stress.

The bud of this plant has dark virility nugs, robust undertones of purple color, a thick coating of white crystal trichomes, and dark hairs. Its flowering time is from eight to nine weeks, with medium to high yields.

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6 reviews for Dosi Punch Live Resin

  1. CesarHerman

    It has a dosi Punch taste I dabbed it thru chem and slymer great for daytime

  2. Skyyehigh

    This is the kindness kind love the consistency 🔥

  3. Pacc_fly

    One of my favorites of all

  4. t.t209

    Motor oil 🔥

  5. japhina1151

    surprised this was actually tasty

  6. chinoofits

    Really impressed with this one. Look, smell, taste, it’s all there. I don’t dab a lot, but this one brought me out. hope all is well with you man.

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