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Do-S i-Dos strain offers a very potent but smooth high, which is later followed by plenty of dreamy, euphoric bliss. This high hits so fast and hard with a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that only lasts for a short time before fading into a happy, stoned introspection.

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Overview of Do Si Dos Weed:

Do-Si-Dos strain is a dominant hybrid (70% Indica/30% Sativa) strain created through crossing the potent Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. Named for The favorite Girl Scout Cookie, Do-Si-Do has a sweet, addicting minty cookie flavor that you won’t be able to get enough of. Just warned – with its super powerful 28-30% THC level, it’s easy to overdo it. The smell of Do-Si-Do is just intoxicating as the flavor, with a sweet minty aroma that is accented by fresh lime and pine.

When you get past the flavor, the effects are addicting. The Do-Si-Do cannabis strain high hits you very fast and hard with a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that lasts for only a few moments before fading into a happy stony introspection. As your mind falls deeper into itself, a warming body buzz will begin to wash over you, first moving down your spine before extending through your limbs, leaving you helplessly sedated and completely couch-locked. With these hard-hitting effects, Do-Si-Do is known to be perfect for users suffering from conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, and depression.

Appearance and Aroma: 

The buds have conical olive green nugs with bright amber hairs, purple leaves, and a sticky coating of sweet syrupy resin that coats each and every bright frosty white trichome.

The intoxicating aroma of Do Si Dos Strain is memorable and reveals a pungent profile filled with a strong sweet smell mixed with dank, earthy notes. However, you might pick up on some deep-rooted funkiness when you start to break apart the buds and work them into your joint or blunt, which illustrates this strain’s heritage to the famed OG Kush. The smoke is harsh or irritating on the inhale, but you’ll taste hints of sweet and skunk flavors on the exhalation.

Do Si Dos Strain Effects:

Do Si Dos effects are calming strain with a creative high. People who consume typically will experience a relaxing body high and moderately stimulating, deeply meditative cerebral high. The strain is perfectly crafted to be delicious and potent. Some varieties can have really high THC levels, so this will not be the best strain for beginners.

Medical Benefits of Do Si Dos Strain.

This strain adds some potent healthful advantages recognized to treat diseases and disorders such as.

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia,
  • Nausea
  • Stress

Preferred Smoking Time:

Best for evening use. It is ideal for relaxation.

Preferred Consumption Method:

  • Smoke
  • Vaporize

Do-Si-Dos Strain Growing INFO:

Do Si Dos was created by the Pacific Northwest breeder Archive Seed Bank back in 2016. Archive Seed Bank crossed two OG Kush strain relatives, OGKB Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG strains. The Face-Off OG strain back crossed to increase its potency and aroma.

Although quite potent strain, Do Si Dos plants aren’t big producers. You should expect an average yield.  However, advanced techniques such as the Screen of Green or Sea of Green grow method can help improve results. Somewhat humid environment. If growing this strain outdoors, make sure the temperatures remain between the 70s and 80s with moderate levels of humidity throughout the entire summer. Cold nighttime temperatures can help expose the full-color range of this plant.

This strain will require plenty of smell control, such as an exhaust fan and carbon air filters, because these plants give off a strong smell, even while growing.

Do Si Dos plants aren’t big producers. You can expect an average yield. However, advanced techniques such as the Screen of Green or Sea of Green grow method can help to improve results. This strain can be cultivated both inside and outdoor.


Do Si Dos estimate to take 8-9 weeks to flower?


Do Si Dos outdoor is ready for harvest by September to early October.

For a healthy Do Si Dos cannabis plant, the flowering time should take 8 – 9 weeks indoors, and it is ready for harvest in late September to early October outdoors.

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6 reviews for Do Si Dos Strain

  1. RKeeney25

    No joke. If you want the best sex ever, try this. Promise you will tap out of oral sex!! This is soooooo potent !!

  2. Mike.kallahan

    I absolutely love this strain! Keep away all of my anxiety and pain. I use it to make edibles and the effects usually last around six hours or so. I highly recommend this strain to anyone suffering from anxiety, insomnia, nausea, stress, or pain.

  3. 1mchiko

    A true blessing in medical form Terps potency, duration all well above average supply nice body effect and stony head feelings

  4. Williamrideout

    Smooth when smoking but after few hits it makes me cough. Good buzz effect no axiety or paranoia at all just felt sleepy after the effect. Not too smelly neither. Perfect for relaxing, reading, watchin tv…

  5. jboyyyyyyyyy

    Grabbed some of this was a little disappointed with how dry it is fresh outta the jar

  6. fatbellyfilmz

    Looks tasty can’t wait to get some

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