Chocolate brownies 250mg


Quality – once again, these guys make some super tasty edibles. The muffin did come with a slightly squished top but that didn’t detect much and I’m sure they would be boxed up or ordering a larger quantity. Normally I eat gummy edibles but these are a great deal at $6 individually. Really fresh and soft, and still decently moist. I would also be curious to see where a double dose of these bad boys would take me. Well made baked goods that I will most likely be back to grip in the future

Flavor – The name being quite accurate to the flavor of lemon and blueberry, topped with a cinnamon brown sugar for an extra flavor kick which was a really tasty addition. The muffin was really good, no weed taste at all, not even anything that emerged after



Potency – these have a dosage at 250mg per muffin, I honestly thought I was eating a regular tasty muffin especially after no results, then about an hour later it crept up on me. It was a decent buzz with some good euphoria effects, although it did still feel more like about half that dosage. A full solid night of sleep did follow that evening


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