Cereal Medbar 400mg.


Quality – this was well made tasty brick, from its shiny
side, glistening and highlighting the color variety of the
marshmallows, or the spread of a small chocolate layer. Overall it was quite soft with a slight crunch coming
from the cereal pieces themselves. It was effective and
tasted great getting the job done. There is other cereal
variations that they have available, which Sugar Leaf Organic will be
gripping in the near future

Flavor this bar has a few flavors flowing through it, but it definitely reminds me of a jacked up rice crispy bar. Featuring Lucky Charms, this bar is compiled from the cereal itself including the colorful marshmellow shapes. Between the marshmallows from the cereal and the ones holding it together, the taste is quite prominent. It also features a nice layer of chocolate to add the additional flavor to each bite. There was a slight aftertaste that lingered after but to be expected at such a high dose



Potency– this fancy little rectangle came in at an even 400mg. After trying the double chocolate chip cookies, I decided to only eat half of the bar. The results were great, left once again in a sedative state of euphoria, motivation was lifted away just as my body was. A couple hundred mgs of properly dosed edibles ends up rewarding me with a solid night of sleep


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