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Blue Cookies genetics is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. THC levels can be up to 25 percent. Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry and Blueberry unite to yield this tasty cannabis strain which is a hard hitter, not for beginners, unless particularly brave and healthy. This strain can temporarily raise blood pressure so not for people with blood pressure issues of current concern, especially when off medications.

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Blue Cookies is a Indica-leaning hybrid strain that offers a great balance of mental and physical effects. Established staple hybrids Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry unite together to yield this tasty strain with a focused and clearheaded but very relaxed high. Said to be a potent smoke even for cannabis veterans. The strain has a THC composition ranging from 20% to an impressive 25%. This cannabis strain is smooth and has a sweet candy like flavor that will of no doubt delight you. Upon exhalation, you will detect a hint of berry, a taste that is universally liked. In fact, Blue Cookies is one of the best-tasting cannabis strains in the market that you could get your hands on.

Blue Cookies Medical Benefits

Blue Cookies strain can be pretty overwhelming in its euphoric effects, often leaving users with extreme happiness and focus which could lend itself to mind racing thoughts if not taken correctly. Users with anxiety, depression, ADHD and even PTSD problems have reported that the euphoria combined with the sharpened focus has worked wonders to relax their mind and remove stress and pressures. Even though you will feel focused and motivated, it is equally relaxing strain, making it ideal for evening use.

 Growing INFO

This cannabis strain is a challenge and most likely, you would need to clip from a mature plant to clone this strain and that is because finding seeds has proven to be a big deal. Even though this strain is grown outdoor, it also thrives well indoors, as well as in a greenhouse.


Blue Cookies have a shorter flowering time compared to a lot of other strains. With the flowering is estimated to start at day 56 to 63, it could give you a decent yield of 12 to 16 ounces per square meter.


In a warm climate, This Strain is ready for harvest in ending September. You should be pleased with the estimated yield of 16 Oz or possibly a little more per plant.

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Witness the smoking experience and great balance of mental and physical effects, With a focused and clearheaded but very relaxed high for both Medical and Recreational users. Buy Blue cookies Strain today we deliver in USA, UK, Australia and Canada get quality product for a good price

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3 reviews for Blue cookies

  1. Micheal Owens

    Sincerely! I was searching for this kind of strain. I think I have landed in the correct place. Customer service and delivery is just superb.

  2. Parkerwilson

    A highly recommendable product for those who want a lazy buzz, have purchased it recently, and I am impressed!

  3. Fourthquatterkey

    Second time picking this strain up, a nice clean with Cheri/berry ish flavor on the exhale grinned up and the bag smell like fresh water. Don’t know how else to describe it. Nice light gray ash, smoke LSO gem and good value

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