Blackberry Cotton Candy

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Blackberry Cotton Candy brings out a true genuine feeling of pure happiness deep within users as they have a constant smile etched on their faces all high long. A clear-minded focus will help the user pay more attention to details, making it a great weed to use in an office setting. Just a few minutes into the cerebral party, a warm sensation will blanket the user’s body as they start to feel a wave of relaxation wrap around their bodies.

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Blackberry Cotton Candy For Sale:

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All About: Blackberry Cotton Candy

This is a fluffy flower that produces a pretty looking bud that is enticing both in fragrance and in its potent effects. The sativa hybrid strain is a strong tranquilizer that can make you feel relaxed like no other, leaving your heavy negative thoughts behind and will allow you to forget the prosodies of the day and dig into happier thoughts. With a high THC and modest CBD content, this strain is a fixture in medical cannabis dispensaries as it is an effective mood booster with deeply calming qualities. This strain genetics is a product of a cross between the ultra-sweet Cotton Candy strain and the extremely calming Blackberry Kush. The THC level measured at 22% with a CBD of 1% making it effective medical cannabis that can provide a holistic approach in treating both mood and physical disorders. Giving it more appeal is the sweetness of candies and fruit flavor of the weed that tempts users to keep on toking on the weed!

Blackberry Cotton Candy Growing INFO

Blackberry Cotton Candy seeds are easy to grow, as their versatility makes them adaptable to indoor or outdoor growing. They prefer to be in a Mediterranean-like climate with a dry environment. Keeping humidity levels low will keep the plants thriving, as too much water vapor in the air can lead to mold and mildew development. Too much humidity during the flowering stage also tends to cause bud rot, as an accumulation of vapor in the air may lead to moisture buildup in the buds. These medium to tall growing plants need to have their canopies topped, especially if grown indoors, to regulate their vertical growth. This also induces more lateral growth, where the new branches will serve as future growth points for new buds to develop. Blackberry Cotton Candy grow time is about 65 to 75 days before the buds can be harvested, and expect an above-average yield from this sweet growing cannabis.


Medical Benefits:

Negative Aspect:


Blackberry Cotton Candy, when grown indoors, can be expected to yield an average of 16 ounces per square meter. Which takes around an estimated 8 to 9 weeks to flower and become ready to be harvested.


This prefers a warm and sunny outdoor climate, and can be expected to yield an average of around 35 ounces of fresh bud per plant. This strain is usually ready for harvest around the middle of October.

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7 reviews for Blackberry Cotton Candy

  1. Herman.arret

    Incredible aroma great taste and must of all the high was long lasting

  2. Andres_medrano13

    The classic kick you in your head stinky sticky Blackberry Cotton! It’s been around forever for a reason. Pure gas, if she doesn’t get ya high then I wouldn’t know what to say… she’s a racy little bitch with a couch lock comedown.

  3. George_nic2

    Fucking excellent. Very quality stuff for being a new strain. Usually these new strain r a lil wacky. But this, has a high thats truly satisfying and unique I am really looking forward to order more for the longest Its a 5 star to me. 25 yr smoker.

  4. Mr.copes

    Outstanding long stone 💪🔥

  5. jordons_on

    This strain is very enjoyable. It definitely has differences compared to other strains. Looking forward to more blind testers, nightshade is nice as well

  6. yung_fstop

    Don’t look like trichomes, just look like old white hairs coated in white mold, trichomes shine like diamonds, these are just white hairs that don’t shine. Come on now


    This right here just smacked me in the face!

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