BC Blueberry Reg 12 pk


BC Blueberry Reg Genetics: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Specifics: BC Blueberry IBL
Flowering Time: Indoor: 8 weeks / Outdoor: Mid-September



Specifics: BC Blueberry IBL
Flowering Time: Indoor: 8 weeks / Outdoor: Mid-September

Original Blueberry is a true B.C. classic. Thick Purple stems; A dense and stout plant with red, purple and at last blue hues, that cures to a lavender blue. The finished product incorporates a fruity aroma and taste of blueberry. It produces a notable and pleasantly happy high of the very best quality and is incredibly long lasting and pleasant. ordinal place winner within the personal Growers category at the 2011 Treating Yourself Medical Cup and also the first place winner of the 2015 Kush Cup in Vancouver! conjointly nice for concentrates. Flavor: Wild blueberry taste-BCBD

BC Blueberry is AN indica-dominant strain out of British Columbia that goes way back to the Seventies. this can be a very lovely strain that exhibits a variety of blue, red and purple shades particularly once subjected to some lower night-time temperatures. These colors sometimes cure out to a beautiful lavender blue.

It is a awfully good producer once taken care of with care; it’s a deliciously fruity aroma with a pronounced flavour of blueberry. She grows in a very acquainted Christmas tree form and can prosper indoors as well as outdoors; within the case of the latter success will be enjoyed in temperate climates as long as there aren’t any frosts before the middle of September once she ought to be ready for the harvest. Blueberry strains are light eaters and they don’t take kindly to over-fertilizing.

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