Baked brownies 400mg


Quality slightly hardened outside with a soft fresh inside. Sugar Leaf Organic seems to have both the flavor masking and proper dosing bang on, if anything possibly under dosed. Having tried a handful of their product line-up, there is no doubt to know what we are doing in the kitchen. Can’t wait to try some other fine treats that can currently carry assuming my team is out to give the very best

These were identical tasting to the one bite brownies we’ve all had at one point or another. With the chocolate brownie taste accurately portrayed in each one of these, not even a slight lingering weed aftertaste. Perfectly flavored adult brownies



Potency- these bad betty’s come to the scale at 100mg a pop, for a bag total consisting of a whopping 400mg. These little guys pack a clench fist no doubt, a quick toss bag of one of these single bites will have an impact of direct relaxation as the hope never fails with Sugar Leaf Organic


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