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Albino Jedi Mind Fuck

The force is strong with this one!

Albino Jedi Mind Fuck is an extremely rare Magic Mushroom Strain that belongs to the Cubensis family.
This beautiful hybrid was created by mixing Jedi Mind Fuck with Albino A+ strains.

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Albino Jedi Mind Fuck will soon become your desired, go-to strain. Expect a higher than average potency, euphoric-filled moments, strong body high and fantastic visuals.


This strain enhances the world around you and puts you in touch with the things you love.At lower doses, this exotic magic mushroom strain offers a strong but not overwhelming high, and at higher doses, you will experience mind-blowing visuals and ego dissolution, as you become one with the Universe. The strongest point of the strain would be the hallucination aspect, so if you’re looking for great hallucinations & vivid pictures, then look no further.

This is an extremely rare Magic Mushroom Strain that belongs to the Cubensis family.

Albino Jedi Mind Fuck Dosage

Due to its potency level that will give first-time users the chance to see how tolerant they are to the strain to the main effects produced.

This strain is great for people who want something a bit more intense. In that case, you take between 1 to 3 grams you will experience the true visual effect that it has to offer and will be sure to be obsessed and enamored with the details of the world around you.

  1. 5 out of 5

    My first time with this strain I fell in love with it. Mentally motivated and energetic.

  2. 5 out of 5

    They were not playing when they added mind Fuck to the name. Time was moving so slow man, I was down for about an hour staring into space, I didn’t even know what the hell happened. If you want a full crazy trip, I recommend this tbh.

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