Abusive OG 

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Having originated in California, this strain is a mostly indica cut that proffers deep physical relaxation alongside a rich and earthy flavor profile. Despite the violent name (Abusive OG), you are more likely to receive healing and relaxation from the strain, not abuse. The cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has consistently found buds of Abusive OG to have between 14% and a whopping 32% THC content.


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Are you searching for where to buy high-quality Cannabis indica strain online in 2022?. Then you should be able to get all of your favored potent cannabis strains with us. We present you Abusive OG strain within our top selection. If you desire to shop this Strain, helps you with the most effective merchandise with secure service.

Everything You Need To Know About: Abusive OG 

Abusive OG high is a creeper and will take up to 15 minutes after smokers have finished coughing and savoring the strain’s flavor before fully revealing the effects. Even though these sensations maybe somewhat disorienting, once you are able to adjust, and find yourself struck by heavy mental and physical sedation. Stressors evaporate as muscles fully relax and as breathing happens more deep and easy.

This cannabis strain will grant you some mental stimulation, although stoners are more likely to feel dreamy and hazy than intensely cerebral. This free-flowing mindset can lend itself to creative brainstorming and to engaging conversation with close friends. Abusive OG strain is better suited for nighttime than the morning or during the day.

Flavor and  Aroma:

  • Earthy
  • Spicy
  • Sweet

Effects of Abusive OG :

  • Calm
  • Focused
  • Creative
  • Happy
  • Dizzy
  • Dry Mouth

Pairs Well With

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Exploring Nature
  • Studying

Medical Use

Medical cannabis patients can benefit from Abusive OG’s going thorough sedation. It can numb deep-seated aches and pains, being temporary or chronic. Anti-inflammatory properties will relieve everyday irritations like lupus. The cannabis strain can also be a powerful appetite stimulant, stoking hunger for those who have lost their appetites to disease or maybe some severe side effects of medication. Although it will not typically bring about paranoia, those who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance  advised to consume this strain in moderation.

Preferred Smoking Time

Abusive OG is better accommodated for nighttime than the morning or during the day.

Preferred Smoking Method

Smoke or Vaporize

Abusive OG Growing INFO

This strain is mostly an indica variety, listed in our database as a clone only strain. The cut brought into the community by an overgrown member named “Abusive”, believe it or not Abusive claimed to have got the cut through the rapper Snoop Dogg.

This cannabis strain can be grown indoors or outside, even though outdoor growing works in favor of a semi-humid climate with consistent daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 27 °C). If you are looking to bring out the strain’s subtle hues of blue and purple, you should expose the crops to cold (but not freezing) nighttime temperatures. Just as Abusive OG can be a pungent smoke, it is also a pungent growth.  So if you are looking to keep their growing operation discreet, you should invest in odor control measures such as carbon air filters or exhaust fans.


Being an Indica cannabis strain, you can expect it to have a short flowering time. At the plant turns out, Abusive OG strain is ready in as little as 8 weeks.


For beginners, it is easier to grow Abusive OG outside, where it is resistant to mold and mildew. When September transitions to October, the cannabis plant should also be ready. Each of them can yield around 8 ounces (0.3 kg) or even more.

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This strain offer you strong results and amazing performance. Likewise, the Abusive OG  Strain will give you healing and relaxation effects for both Medical and Recreational Users. If you are worried about how to buy this cannabis strain online, We are here to assist you get hold of the best quality. We deliver in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.


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13 reviews for Abusive OG 

  1. Jimenez R

    Great bag appeal. Smell is on point and has a great kushy taste. Nice hard buds pretty caked in crystal. Great for the price

  2. Marley32

    Very well deserving of its name. Great powerful strain that had my eyes really low. Very good looking sticky nugs that had a nice indica gaz smell to it. Smooth smoke, nice burning through the whole way. Very enjoyable night time strain. Not much is needed to feel the effects. This one passed all tests. Looks, smells, tastes, effects and all.

  3. SlylasB

    Ordered Abusive OG such a variety pack I found out it is stronger than posted for THC. All around decent bud….

  4. Jeramy Taylor

    Finally I come across a strain that doesn’t make me feel my head and help me sleep. No anxiety super calming body and head. I can sleep! Love it

  5. Jacobrau13

    I picked up for the first time yesterday I liked it I had a nice head high and my body was very relaxed

  6. Gemini_1098

    Great strain for me. Last week was the first time I was able to get my hands on. A rarity in my area (Gatineau, Québec, Canada). I love everything about it… the smell, the taste and the high. I highly recommend it for people living with depression. It is very helpfull. Enjoy all

  7. Luh1skyvan

    One of the chill strains I have gotten to smoke. No anxiety just super calming body and head. I can sleep! Love it

  8. Eddie.abrego

    Solid strain very impressed

  9. Hector.johnGomez

    Immediate body high. I love to smoke it before bed really put my ass together for a good sleep real quick

  10. Va757mike

    Taste good but don’t care for it personally not too potent

  11. Overachievingmixs

    The last bag I had was Terrible but Gelato was insane

  12. Majorlanguageflame

    Killing it 👌 have a phenomenal New Year

  13. frapinvipxoxo

    The nose on this turned out amazing. definitely gotta put that on the list fa sho! one of the best strains of the year

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