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This cannabis strain is created by the combination of both indica and sativa cannabis strains. They are often taller and slimmer, with stretched, thin leaves and “plumed” buds. Many cultivators have crossbred cannabis plants to develop new strains with definite characteristics. Specialist have estimated over 700 cannabis strains. One of the most important characteristics of hybrid cannabis strain is the THC content.

These Strains have been known for their effects on the body, while sativa strains, known for their effects on the mind. This combination make a strain that provides the body with physical and cerebral reactions.

The hybrid cannabis strain is preferred by experienced smokers who cherish a balanced high. For instance, a sativa-dominant hybrid is known to give consumers the energizing effects of sativa strains, meanwhile providing the relaxing ‘head high’ of an indica cannabis strain. On the other hand, indica-dominant hybrid strains are known to ease up on users without making them heavy-eyed

Hybrid Marijuana strain effects

You are more likely to experience the following effects, some of which include feeling happy, euphoric, uplifting, energetic, relaxing—it all depends on which hybrid you smoke and the effect the parent strain produce.

Medical Benefits Of Hybrid Strains

Medical Marijuana patients associated with the use of use for their unique impacts, which range from

Reducing of anxiety and stress to relieve symptoms of chemotherapy or radiation.

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