About Us

Sugar Leaf Organic
We are a fully integrated company that operates in multiple Cannabis sectors including Cultivation, Distribution, Retail, and Manufacturing.

Sugar Leaf Organic, founded by a group of individuals that have been cultivating premium organic cannabis. For the past two decades, we are dedicated to our passion, which is growing organic cannabis to the highest standards without the use of harmful chemicals and promoting wellness for our patients. Devoting our time to each strain in order to ensure it’s grown to the highest quality standards by focusing on the details and attributes of each plant is our main goal.

Sugar Leaf Organic provides safe, responsible access to Medical and recreational high-grade cannabis Flowers for adults (21+)  at very affordable prices.

Over recent years, we have been working around the clock to give you the best experience one can possibly get buying weed online. Building a solid reputation among medical patients and are passionate about the safe and legal use of medical marijuana. We sell the best quality marijuana online in EU, USA, Canada, and AUS. 

Our strains are hand selected to provide the most effective and enjoyable experience for our customers.